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Enterprise Architecture - Business Process Management

        Providing Process Design and Product Development

Industry standard tools and frameworks we use everyday:

About EA-BPM

EA-BPM is a firm providing knowledge based on over thirty years of IT experience within the automotive, government, aerospace, and energy industries. Specializing in the delivery of IT management solutions, EA-BPM objectively sees an organization from the top down as well as the bottom up making it possible to maintain scope and focus on what is important.

EA-BPM works with your organization to determine “what’s important” by capturing information content in the right context. We capture content by working with stakeholders at all levels gathering requirements aligned with planned objectives of the respective organization. 
EA-BPM helps clarify needed structure by working with you to develop a structured architecture. We help you analyze the information, review the findings, and determine the alternatives for what is the best solution and best way to move forward to accomplish your objectives.

EA-BPM is familiar with many business and systems architectures. We can provide answers for Planning, Business Process Consulting, process improvement, Systems Design, Software Design, Product Design, Prototyping as well as engineer a solution.


Some Of The Benefits You Will Enjoy Include:

  • Aligning mobile development to strategic initiatives
  • Solution Architecture design with Sparx EA
  • Apps publishing experience using hybrid Cordova and Sencha frameworks
  • Leveraging Industry standard technologies for product develpment
  • Rapid prototyping for tangible products

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Business Process Consulting

  • Requirements Gathering
  • Process and Software Engineering
  • Business Process Modeling
  • Analytics
  • Process Improvement

 EA-BPM Consulting has seasoned expertise in the fields of Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Management, Information Technology, and Software Development. EA-BPM is committed to staying current with the ever-changing tools and technology that support the IT Enterprise .​


Business Process Consulting